Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Naples in April

Now if you don't live in Naples the next best thing is that one of your sons is there and is happy to send back pictures of the place.

I fell in love with the city the first time we went there and continue to find it fascinating.

It is noisy, and chaotic and at times bewildering.

The voices you hear speak a language which is unique to the south and when Tina had her siblings washed up in the north of Italy how they spoke and what they said marked them out as from Naples.

The first time we went her parents who were both born there warned us to be careful but  the warning was unnecessary.

Like any city there is a lot to see, and you can fill your day wandering from former palaces to wonderful churches and taking in plenty of ancient ruins.

But for me it is the streets themselves which I adore.  They are narrow and give off onto even narrower streets and everywhere the buildings climb cliff like into the sky.

And from every available balcony the residents will hang out their washing.

We won’t be back for months and so I shall content myself with Saul’s pictures.

Location; Naples

Pictures; Naples, 2017 from the collection of Saul Simpson and Emilka Cholewicka

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