Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Ghost signs in Stalybridge

Now it has all been very quiet on the ghost sign scene.

But today Ron sent me this one.

He wrote, “another Stalybridge one for you Andrew, Melbourne Street. facing the river. 

Can't decipher the bulk of it but the repeated word 'blend' has me thinking of a tea merchant or grocery business. 

Perhaps you'll have more luck from your ghost sign contacts? Love the bay window on the side.”

Well I have to say I wasn’t much more successful but I did pick out the word Bacon.

Also three is is that interesting bit of detail over the bricked up window which announces "Est 1847."

Cleary the business moved here after the window was bricked up and looks slightly newer than the surrounding sign.

All of which just leaves someone to remember the shop to write in to the blog.

And if we are very lucky someone who has access to the trade and street directories will go looking for Melbourne Street and supply not only what the business sold but also a name and a date when they ceased trading.

I hope so.

Location; Stalybridge

Picture; ghost sign at Melbourne Street, 2017 from the collection of Ron Stubley

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