Thursday, 14 June 2018

Looking for clues ...... that house in Whalley Range

Now I am back with that house on Wellington Road in Whalley Range.*

It was built in 1874, and over its 144 years was home to salesmen, teachers, a Wesleyan preacher and a policeman and I suspect plenty more occupations resided at was once a nine roomed property.

But like so many big old houses it didn’t sit well in the mid 20th century.   The rising cost of living, the end of the widespread practice of employing servants and the decline in the size of families each contributed to make them uneconomic to live in.

Some lingered on, beset by neglect until they were demolished and replaced by utilitarian blocks of flats with flat roofs, steel framed windows and a clutch of anonymous residents.

Others because of their size were taken over as municipal homes for the elderly and looked after children, leaving the rest to be converted into bedsits.

These conversions were rarely done with care or an eye on the features of these grand old properties.

All of which brings me to the back of Wellington Road for it is here that we can get a clear view of one developer’s grand plan.

At some point, and I know not when, the back door was bricked up, and the cellars made into a basement flat with the creation of a new entrance.

Looking at this new door it may well has been already there in some form, possibly as a smaller exit or a window.  To this new door have been added two windows, and this may have been the moment when all the rear windows were replaced.

I wish I had sight of the original floor plan which would make an interesting comparison and shed light on how the house was transformed into three flats.

Perhaps one day I will.

Next; Searching for a floor plan and the original features

Location; Whalley Range

Picture; Wellington Road, 2018, from the collection of Lisa Ann Davison

*That house on Wellington Road ....... with a history,

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