Friday, 29 June 2018

No chips .... no fish .... no mushy peas .... no pies ...... on Beech Road ..... in the summer of 2018

I wonder how many of the Friends of Beech Road who visit each weekend will have clocked that our chippy has closed.

Now the passing of any local business is a something to regret, especially as it was the source of many a quick meal over the last forty or so years.

And its history goes back much further, because along with the newsagents next door it has consistently sold the same thing since it opened at the beginning of the 20th century.

That makes it almost unique and its record is only matched by four Chorlton pubs, and the bakery opposite.

These are the  Horse & Jockey which got its license in 1793, The Lloyds, which started serving in 1868, the Beech from the early 20th century and the Trevor Arms, from just 1908, although in the case of the Trevor there was a beer shop on or next to it from the 1870s.

And in answer to the torrent of comments about the other pubs, the Bowling Green moved into its present building in the early 20th century, having traded from the 1780s from a building next door, and the Royal Oak only dates from the 1930s, having also moved out of its original building.

True, that pub over the water also dates from the 18th century but it is no longer in Chorlton, while the Spread Eagle was a private residence much longer than it has ever been a pub and hotel.

On a happy note, I am pleased that Neil who ran the chippy is still frying chips and battered fish but is now opposite the old swimming baths, which just leaves me to report that there are rumours that no 42 Beech Road will continue its long relationship with food and reopen as a Chinese takeaway.

I wonder what it will be called, and I do remember the chippy has gone through a series of different names, of which my favourite must be the “Vimto Chippy” so called because of the Vimto stickers around the window.

And once we have a new name it maybe time  to revise the Quirks of Chorlton-cum-Hardy which was published last year, including a paragraph on the return of a Chinese takeaway to Beech Road.*

Location; Beech Road

Picture; the chippy, 2017, from the collection of Peter Topping

*A Quirky book about Chorlton,

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  1. Vera's chippy! has a space invader machine back in the day!