Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Secrets and vast expanses of water

Now yesterday I was down at Pomona sharing Andy Robertson’s latest adventure.

And today I am back because like him I love pictures of water.

I could have chosen half a dozen, but this one allows us to see the first hints of a new development, and no doubt Andy will be back to record its progress as the ground is broken, the buildings go up and finally the for sale and to rent signs appear.

But for now I am fascinated by this picture of the door which comes amongst the batch showing the water.

I will ask Andy, but in the meantime let its story and what secrets lay behind it to hang in the air.

That said someone will come up with a practical explanation which does not admit a mystery or a fascinating story.

We shall see.

Location; at Pomona

Pictures; down by Pomona, 2018, from the collection of Andy Robertson

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