Thursday, 10 September 2015

A new chapter in the story of the Whalley Hotel

There will be many people who have their own story about the Whalley Hotel and even though it closed without much warning the stories still go on.

Well I say stories but for now it focuses on just one which is all to do with its future.

Like many I had wondered what that future might.

At worst there were those who though it might be pulled down while others speculated on a residential conversion.
But what was clear was that its days as a pub were over.

I did go looking at the planning applications but missed the proposal for “a change of use into 14 self-contained apartments (with associated parking, landscaping and elevational alterations”*

And it took a contribution to the blog to alert me to the application which had been lodged in April and approved in July.

All of which makes me wonder if Peter will go back and paint the finished development.

His first painting which was completed in 2013 has featured on the blog in various stories and I  have no doubt the new one will make its appearance in due course.**

And that is all I am going to say for now.

Painting; The Whalley Hotel,  © 2013 Peter Topping, Paintings from Pictures,

*108296/FO/2015/S1 | Change of use of vacant public house (class A4) into 14 self-contained apartments (Class C3) with associated parking, landscaping and elevational alterations | The Whalley Hotel 2 Withington Road Whalley Range Manchester M16 8AA, , Manchester City Council Online Planning,

**“Wally of the Whalley” Says Goodbye ......... stories of the Whalley Hotel,

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