Sunday, 20 September 2015

Changing Chorlton ............... down at McFadyen’s Memorial Congregational Church

Now one of the popular posts recently has been a series on McFadyen’s Memorial Congregational Church by Tong Goulding.

It is a familiar landmark which has just undergone a big renovation and I have featured plenty of pictures of how it used to look and at least one when the work was underway but none of the finished building.

So here courtesy of Steve Raw is one of the new entrance with its stunning big window.

It was taken just a few days ago.

And I think it will reappear to adorn more stories from Tony and perhaps the odd reflective piece about our churches over the last century and a cit.

But for now given that lots of people like contrasts, here are two from a time before now.

The first is a favourite of mine, taken I think sometime at the beginning of the last century and reappearing on countless picture postcards

And just to finish one of Andy's Robertson's from the middle of the reconstruction..

Pictures; the Church on a sunny September day, 2015 from the collection of Steve Raw, the Church circa 1900, from the Lloyd collection, and the church during its renovation, 2015 courtesy of Andy Robertson

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