Saturday, 19 September 2015

The ghost sign in Northwich which I lost and Ron found

Now I know we are in Witton Street in Northwich not far from the impressive Penny Black which was the town’s Post Office and is now a Wetherspoons.

I have to say that the company has managed to save plenty of old and interesting buildings and while a few purists might disagree I think that is no bad thing.

I wonder however the fate of the ghost sign which Ron tells me he passed “when returning from The Penny Black on Witton Street.”

I went looking for it this afternoon armed only with street Google from 2009 but failed to find it which led me to speculate on whether it has now vanished or maybe I am just looking in the wrong part of the street, all of which is a tad embarrassing given I haven’t even had a drink.

But Ron put me straight.

It is still  there just past the pub and on to Meadow Street.

Picture; ghost sign in Witton Street, Northwich 2015 courtesy of Ron Stubley

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