Sunday, 13 September 2015

That Congregational Chapel sitting nicely against the Beetham Tower

Now I like pictures that contrast shapes and history.

So here is one taken by Andy Robertson down at Castlefield in February.

The tall tower of the old Congregational Chapel sits nicely against the Beetham Tower.

The chapel was built in 1858 by Edward Walters in the Veneto-Byzantine style and has had many different uses which at one time included a recording studio with a cafe bar in the basement.

And I rather remember it being used as auction rooms in the late 1970s, but I might be wrong.

Back in those days Castlefield was still a grim place with its once proud industrial heritage slowly sliding into dereliction.

For me it was just one those routes by bus from into town.

Occasionally I did get off the bus and take some pictures but back then I had little idea of the rich history that was everywhere around me.

Later still, the old station complex became the museum and the area was awarded a world heritage status

Picture; from the collection of Andy Robertson

*Manchester, Clare Hartwell, 2008

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