Saturday, 5 September 2015

Tracing the story of the people of Strangeways and Redbank ...........the Making of Manchester Jewry

Now after a space of nearly forty years I am rereading The Making of Manchester Jewry, 1740-1875 by Bill Williams.

It came out in 1976 and it will have been around then that I read it.

That said it would be almost another decade before I began walking Strangeways and Redbank  tracing the places Mr Williams refers to and recording what was still left.

It is a fascinating book covering everything from the first Jewish settlements in the city to the later ones, is rich in detail and supported by extensive footnotes and bibliography.

Back in the 1970s I don’t think I really did it justice which makes this second reading all the more instructive.
Since then I have come to know Mr Williams and have enjoyed his lectures, new books and just talking to him about a range of topics.

Picture; cover from the book

*The Making of Manchester Jewry, 1740-1875 by Bill Williams, 1976

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