Friday, 18 September 2015

Looking for photographs of New Cross, Peckham and pretty much any where in south east London

Now when you no longer live in an area you write about sourcing images can be a problem.

After all we left Lausanne Road in the spring of 1964 when I was just 14 for Eltham and five years later I went looking for a degree in Manchester and never went back to south East London except for flying visits.

But in the last few months I been drawn back to Peckham and New Cross and sitting here in Chorlton-cum-Hardy, south of the city the memories and the stories have been tumbling out but matching these with images has not been easy.

Ever mindful of copyright and other peoples’ property does restrict what you can use so it is always nice to receive photographs which work their way into stories.

Now in the past I have thanked quite a few new friends who have gone out of their way to photograph a building or a street and a few days ago it was Adam who delivered not only a picture of the Asylum Tavern but followed it up with a contact number.*

All of which just leaves me to renew the appeal with just one qualification that its your picture and not taken from the internet.

That said they can be anything from a parade of shops, an old building or even a family snap which can be sent via facebook or twitter.

In return I will include them in stories, crediting the photographer and posting a draft of the story for approval.

Now I make no claims to be the official historian of Peckham, New Cross, Camberwell or Deptford ........... just someone who now lives over 200 miles north of Queens Road and just fancies writing about the place where he grew up.

Picture; the Asylum Tavern, Adam Burgess, 2015-09-12

*The Asylum Tavern,

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