Monday, 21 September 2015

The Bazley Brothers leave their mark in Ancoats

Now as Ron said here is “a different kind of 'ghost sign' of a more substantial nature. It was taken in the June of this year on East Pollard Street. Manchester and knowing your 'nose' for bygone companies, the pictures are yours if you want them” which of  course I did.

Most of the time when we think of ghost signs what comes to mind are those faded and peeling hand painted adverts on the sides of buildings but for me there are also those stones inscriptions above factory doors and those picked out in coloured brick on mill chimneys.

And as soon as Ron showed me these pictures of the old Wellington Mill on East Pollard Street I was hooked.

Bazley Brothers were cotton spinners and they were occupying this site by 1883 and maybe even earlier.

I know that Henry Bazley & Company “spinners of lace muslin and thread yarns” were operating from
Chapel Street Mill Ancoats in 1876  so it shouldn’t be too difficult to track down the move to the Wellington Mill.

And according to one source they were still trading from the building in 1928, but when they moved out has yet to be discovered.

There is a record of a Bazley Brothers winding up their business in 1940 but this may not be them because the head office was outside Manchester.

As for the mill it has more recently had multi occupancy and there were plans back in 2009 to convert it into residential accommodation but as Ron’s pictures show this has not yet happened.

Now I am not an expert on the history of Manchester Mills and have fallen back on Grace's Guide to British Industrial History which records a fatal accident at the mill in 1865 and an advert for the sale of the mill as a going concern thirty years later..**

All of which is a little confusing.

So the next step will be to set a firm date for their move out of the mill and look around at the census returns to see if the family can be tracked across Greater Manchester while crawling over newspaper records.

But in the meantime at least we still have Ron’s building with its name which is a spur to greater research.

Pictures; Bazley Brothers , Wellington Mill, East Pollard Street, June 2014, courtesy of Ron Stubley

*A Manchester View,

***Grace's Guide to British Industrial History,,_Ancoats


  1. Hi Andrew, this post is a bit old so you may not see my comment. I am researching different Bazley Bros. who left Manchester for Australia in 1912. My father-in-law was named Sydney as that is where the family was headed to. Please give permission to use your pic, I will say where it came from. Would love to hear from you as I have some Bazley questions. Regards Sylvia

  2. The image is from Ron Stubley but I am sure he will have nor problem with you using it. I will ask and if you don't hear from me via the comments page assume it is OK but please credit him and yest a credit to the blog would be nice. Have you an email address? If you use the comment box it oes first to me for approval, so I will pick it up, save it and will not post it here.

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