Monday, 14 September 2015

What once we had in Chorlton but now you have to go to Sale ....Eyebrow Cottage

Eyebrow Cottage, 2014
Now I rarely get down to Sale and so I have totally missed Eye Brow Cottage at 120 Cross Street.

It was built between 1660 and 1680.

The elaborate header bricks or "Eye Brows" over the window and door served the purpose of sheltering the windows from the rain water dripping off a flagged roof which originally had no gutters.

At the rear there was as you would expect an old water well and pump.

It is another in the collection of Andy Robertson who continues to record what we are losing.

Happy to say this one is staying although he told me it is up for sale.

I shall going looking for some stories from the place but in the meantime for those who want to look at the cottage over the last century and a bit there are 14 images at Trafford Life Times,*&fKeyword=eyebrow+cottage

Picture; from the collection of Andy Robertson

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