Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Back at Hulme Hall Road ........... one month on

Andy has called this his dolls house picture and you can see why.

This was the state of the warehouse on Hulme Hall Road a little over a month and a but since that fire which led to its partial demolition.

The fire ripped through the building in mid July and with that unerring determination to record how our city is changing, Andy was down there taking some of the first pictures of the place soon after the event and has been going back ever since.

These are from his latest visit on Sunday and show little progress on the demolition of what was left.

Now that surprises me, and so in the absence of any real progress on knocking it down Andy turned to get the bigger picture and here as the light was fading fast caught the surrounding area.

I did plan on researching the building but the summer got in the way.

I do know that back in 1911 it was a printing works and seventeen years earlier was shown as “Locke & Son, shoeing smiths and Williams Cartage Limited (wheelwright works).”

But despite not finding out much about the origins of the building quite a few people came forward with memories, not all of which were complimentary to the state of the place when they worked there but they do add a bit to the story.

And I hope as Andy continues to record the old warehouse there will be more.

Pictures; Hulme Hall, September 13 2015 from the collection of Andy Robertson

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