Friday, 25 September 2015

Another lost cinema ........... down in Gately

The Tatton Cinema at Gatley was not a picture house I ever went in but then Gately was off our beaten track.

All of which is a shame because Andy‘s picture of the Tatton makes me think I would have liked to sit in one of its plush seats surrounded by its 30s decor.

According to Cinema Treasures it opened in 1937 as the Tatton Kinema and included “an 18 foot stage, six dressing rooms, and a restaurant.
In 1971, the restaurant was converted to a 111 seat cinema known as Tatton Minor – the original cinema became Tatton Major. 

In November 1975, the Major closed and was twined with the larger stalls area becoming the 647 seat Tatton Major, the former circle the 247 seat Tatton Minor, and the restaurant cinema the Tatton Mini” closing in 2000.*

Since then it has picked up a twitter page been the focus for lots of public debate and generated memories of the place when it still offered up a night of films.

And that is all I am going to say about the Tatton, but watch this space because Andy was out in Gately and recording much of the place.

Picture; a cinema in Gatley, 2015, from the collection of Andy Robertson

*Apollo Cinema, Gatley Road, Gatley, SK8 4AB, Cinema Treasure,

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