Wednesday, 16 September 2015

See it before it goes ............ another bit of our industrial past soon to vanish

I maintain and I maintain most strongly that you can never get enough pictures of our industrial past especially when that bit of the past will not be with us for much longer.

Now this bit of our past is an undistinguished warehouse on Hulme Hall Road hard by the Duke’s Canal.

As far as I can tell it is not a significant example of an industrial building, can’t claim to be associated with any one famous and I guess will not be missed.

Indeed people who worked there have not been over complimentary about the place but at least its passing will not go unrecorded.

For since a fire which ripped through it in mid July Andy Robertson has taken time out to record the stages of its demolition which have not been as swift as I thought.

So that has allowed Andy to go back on a number of occasions and capture the warehouse from different angles recording more of its interior as it gets knocked down and as it won’t merit an archaeological survey this will be perhaps its testimony.

More so as I haven’t uncovered much of its history but that said I bet there will be someone who not only has a soft spot for the place but has dug deep into its past, if so I hope they will come up with the story.

In the meantime I am left with Andy’s latest pictures.

Pictures; warehouse on Hulme Hall Road, September 2015 from the collection of Andy Robertson

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