Friday, 4 September 2015

Today over Chorlton .............. 75 years ago

Now today is the anniversary of the day the first bombs of the Second World War fell on Chorlton.

I say the first but that is not strictly accurate.

There were a series of them that fell on September 4th 1940 between 2.55 am and 10.55.*

Now I don’t know where they fell but I do know that no one was killed.

The air raid alert had sounded at just before 3 am and lasted for ten minutes with the all clear being sounded at five past three and then just seven hours later there was a second alert which began at 10.35 am and continued till just before 11 am.

The Manchester Guardian didn’t carry the story and I have yet to crawl over the Manchester Evening News but somewhere there will be a record of the event.

All of which just leaves me to thank David Harrop who told me about the bombs and remind you that his Battle of Britain and Blitz exhibition is currently on show at the Remembrance Lodge in Southern Cemetery

Pictures; the Heinkel He 111 over Poland, September 1939 from the German Federal Archive featured in  Heinkel He 111 Wickipedia

*Luftwaffe over Manchester, The Blitz Years, Peter J C Smith, 2003

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