Monday, 7 September 2015

Rediscovering Cheetham .............. nu 2 the old Temperence Hall and the Greenhill Cinema

Now there was a time when the old temperance snooker hall in Chorlton was the extent of my knowledge of both these buildings and of the movement that lay behind their construction.

But they turn up all over Greater Manchester and beyond.  Some retained their sporting links until quite recently while others were converted a long time ago in shops, restaurants and industrial units.

They were built by The Temperance Billiard Hall Co Ltd which had been founded in 1906 and was based in Pendleton.

And with an eye to a good site and perhaps a captive audience some at least of the more enterprising early cinema owners chose to site their picture houses beside temperance halls. 

Ours in Chorlton was next to the lavish Picture House built in 1920 while across in Cheetham  the Circuit Cinemas Ltd opened their Premier Picture Hall in 1925 which changed its name to The Greenhill when the company opened a new luxury cinema opposite.*

Pictures; the old temperance hall and cinema, 2015 from the collection of Andy Robertson

*The Golden Years of Manchester Picture Houses, Derek J. Southall, 2012

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