Saturday, 5 September 2015

Time for another tram

It’s another tram picture.

I had no idea just how popular the last picture of a tram would be so here we are back by popular acclaim is another.

Now the caption says, “Double-deck, single-truck in’bay’ of the Tram Terminus.  The use of female ‘guards’ indicates that it was taken during the First World War.  It would appear that there are ‘blackout’ curtains at the lower saloon windows."

And it is the detail that helps unlock the past.  Behind the tram you can see the glass and iron canopy which were also a feature on the cinemas of the period and have survived on some of the shopping parades.  While behind the houses on Beech Road have those uniform net curtains whic were a feature of homes across the township.

And then finally if like me you get lost in the detail here is the knowledge that it would have been possible to travel all the way to Newton Heath via Alexandra Park on this number 22 tram.  Now that is a bit of information lost in time.

Picture; from the Lloyd collection

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