Thursday, 29 June 2017

Another excellent blog on BHC from the Together Trust

History is as I always say messy and I am never surprised when one piece of research leads to another.

So back many years ago when I first started on the journey of discovery about my own British Home Child I came across the Together Trust.

It was one of those random shots in the dark.  My great uncle was migrated by Middlemore on behalf of the Derby Union which is nowhere near Manchester which was the original home for the Together Trust.

But I now live in Manchester and curious to know how other cities dealt with child care  I came across the Manchester and Salford Boys’ and Girls’ Refuges which began in 1870 and is now the Together Trust.

The rest as they say is a shed load of blog stories about the Trust and a new book on the story of this children’s charity by me and their archivist Liz Sykes which will be published to commemorate their 150th anniversary in 2020.*

And in the course of the research for the book I have learnt lots more about the state of child care, and the migration of young people in the late 19th century.

Liz publishes a regular blog which is always informative, fascinating and sends me off in all sorts of enquiries.**

The latest is on Marchmont, and the records of the visits made on behalf of the charity to youngsters placed in the surrounding area.***

“The charity retains books on all of the young people who were emigrated across to Canada and provides a service to close relatives, who want to discover more about their ancestor. Interested individuals can find out more by contacting the Together Trust.”***

Now given that some people have had some difficulties in tracking relatives via other agencies I am always impressed by the efforts made by Liz to help descendants of children migrated by the Trust, and there are those who have told me hoe helpful she has been.

So that just leaves me to look over the blog story again and suggest you do too.

Pictures; courtesy of the Together Trust; 

*A new book on the Together Trust 

**Getting Down and Dusty

***Records at Marchmont

****Contacting the Trust 

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