Friday, 16 June 2017

So farewell to that car park full of memories of steam trains and holidays in North Wales

Now I never knew that sense of adventure which began as you swept up the approach to Exchange Railway Station.

Like so many of our Victorian termini it went before its time, having opened in 1884 and closing eighty-five years later.

I missed it by just a few months arriving in the September of 1969.

A full decade earlier I could have caught trains to Liverpool, Huddersfield, Hull and Newcastle Central as well as Warrington Bank Quay, Chester and North Wales.

There may even be some who remember travelling all the way to London Euston from Exchange and more who worked on the newspaper trains which continued to leave the station until the 1980s.

But I knew it only as a car park which wasn’t the most elegant of car parks but did offer stunning views across the twin cities.

And then one day the fences went up the builders moved in and the result was Embankment which is all am going to say.

Location; Manchester

Picture; Embankment, 2017 from the collection of Andrew Simpson

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