Sunday, 18 June 2017

Watching the waters of the Brook rise in 1996

The Brook in 1996
I am back by Chorlton Brook with two of Andy Robertson’s pictures.

Now I have always had a fascination for the Brook which rises out beyond Manchester in the east, flows through the south of the city and meets the Mersey here on Chorlton.

More of this water course is open to the skies than most people realize and for me the best is the stretch from Hough End to the river.

That said some of it is still difficult to access and it really only becomes possible to walk beside it from
Brookburn Road as it meanders across the meadows.

Long ago it was where we went with the lads when they were young and more than once they were tempted by that long branch which hung over the water.

As a responsible father they never got the chance to test its strength, although I can’t say what happened when they were there alone.

In all those years I don’t remember it as high as in these pictures and is a reminder that once both the brook and the Mersey were prone to flooding.

Now those events are well documented so I shall just leave you with these two photographs and the promise of more to come.*

Pictures; courtesy of Andy Robertson

*Chorlton rivers,

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