Friday, 16 June 2017

Celebrating a unique history project ........... when British Home Children came together with a group of students

Now anything that spreads a fascination for history has to be good.

And even more so when it engages young students with the challenge to research and re create an event from our past.

So when the Together Trust decided to use carefully chosen records from their archive and allow a group of students to research some of the stories behind the migration of young people to Canada I was intrigued.*

And having done the research they then put on an acclaimed dramatic production which was performed in the Central Reference Library.

More recently some of that research and the costumed used in the play went on show at Central Ref and now the exhibition has moved to Cheadle Library.

The project was called Deep Pockets and Dirty Faces and because the charity now resides in Cheadle where the students live it seemed appropriate to share it with the local community allowing the people of the area to celebrate the work of some of their young people and get a better understanding of Trust’s history.

There is more but for that you will have to follow the link to the charity’s blog where Liz their archivist describes the project in more detail.**

That  just leaves me to reflect that any project which sets out to get young people to explore the past, perform some of what they uncover and bring that to a wider audience can only help a new generation learn actively about  our past but also get a better understanding of that past.

And that after all is what history should be about.

Location; Cheadle

Pictures; courtesy of the Together Trust

*The Together Trust,

**Deep Pockets and Dirty Faces at Cheadle Library,

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