Friday, 9 June 2017

Pictures from an Eltham bus ........ nu 12 ....... "fresh off the iPhone ...the old co-op building"

The top deck of a London bus has to be a pretty neat way of seeing the world below.

And when it is the same bus at about the same time every day then you have got yourself a project.

All you need is a camera and the patience each week to record the same spot.

It helps if there is a major new development underway like the one in the High Street and the rest as they say is Larissa Hamment’s “Pictures from an Eltham bus.”*

And today Larissa sent me this one with the comment "fresh off the iPhone ...the old co-op building."

So with the demise of the old Co-op we still have Larissa's pictures and that  has got to be good for all of us who like Eltham and its history.

Location, Eltham High Street, Eltham, London

Pictures;  2017, from the collection of Larissa Hammen

*Pictures from an Eltham bus,

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  1. It fails to mention the small schools that sat at the rear of this building next to the and behind the convent
    the children enjoyed the playground games being taught by teachers like George Cookson Mr Brown Mr Lyons sister Ursula 1960-64 were special years just wish there were more photos of St Mary's and its Children.