Monday, 6 August 2018

A little bit of Stretford is disappearing

Now, I was well aware of the plans and listened to those who had clear opinions on the future of Stretford Mall, but to see the demolition work in progress was still a surprise.

Back in May there was extensive coverage in the media about what was to happen and I am happy to leave you to follow the link and read more.*

For now I will just reflect on times gone by when a visit to the Mall was an alternative to town.

Back then, the Trafford Centre had yet to be built ,and while Chorlton did offer almost all you could want, the big barn of a place was always worth a visit.

There was back then free parking, and many of the “big shops”.

On a whim I nipped out one day, years ago, and bought a windup wireless which was on sale from Argos.

It lasted pretty much as long as the Mall, but by the time some of the “big names” were abandoning the shopping precinct, the windup wireless began to creak, and finally gave up on me.

These are the first of Andy Robertson’s new pictures of the Mall as it undergoes its transformation, but I know they won’t be the last.

Location; Stretford Mall

Pictures; Stretford Mall; 2018 from the collection of Andy Robertson

*This is what Stretford Mall will look like after £2m transformation, Stuart Greer MEN May 21 2018,

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