Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Don’t look ........ but Stretford Mall is becoming history

The trouble with history is that it creeps up on you and in the space of a short time the present is the past.

Now that might be blisteringly obvious but it is worth restating.

In this case it is the Stretford Mall which yesterday was the subject of a story reporting on the demolition work presently going on.

I included two of Andy Robertson’s pictures, who many will know has been recording the changes around Greater Manchester for a decade and more.

What makes his work unique is that he goes back again and again chronicling everything from demolition to new build.

The response, especially on social media was mixed, with plenty enjoying the story and a few expressing trenchant opinions about its transformation.

But what surprised me was the one response which questioned why it was a story, and had no time for my explanation that it would soon be part of our lost past.

At which point someone will produce one of those fabulous old images of the place when it opened, I shall content myself with these from Andy Robertson’s collection of just a year ago.

Location; Streford

Pictures; Stretford, 2017 from the collection of Andy Robertson

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