Saturday, 18 August 2018

That little bit of history many of us miss........ lemon curd, jelly and fertilizer

Now, I have passed that brick arch countless times and never clocked the inscription which sits a little way off.

Nor am I alone, because Andy who took these pictures also has missed it in the past.

But this week he rectified that with a photograph of the arch, the inscription and an intriguing map of the area from the 1932 OS.

In sending them over he added, “I found this plaque near the arch, not noticed if before”.

And of course many of us will agree.

Leaving me to say I like lemon curd and have done so since I was young.

And I close in anticipation that Bill and some of the others who read the blog will come up with a full story.

Location; Cornbrook

Pictures; from the collection of Andy Robertson, 2018

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