Sunday, 19 August 2018

Throwing the grenade .............

Of all the items of crested china in David Harrop’s collection this one must be one of the most poignant.

It shows a British soldier in the act of throwing a grenade, and that makes this “action” piece stand out as something different.

At the time I guess it evoked a range of emotions, from the pure patriotic through the school boy fascination for action, to the melancholy reflection of a mother, father of wife of just what their loved one was doing.

And it is different from the other wartime collection of crested china I have seen, which include tanks, ambulances and battleships with the odd bull dog and even a Zeppelin.

So an interesting piece which throws a bit more light on how the Great War impacted on everyday lives.

Location; the Great War

Picture; crested china, circa 1915-18 from the collection of David Harrop.

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