Friday, 24 August 2018

Sigi and the Italian Girl ......... one to read this summer

Now I am looking forward to reading Sigi and the Italian Girl.

First because its backdrop is Italy, a country I long ago fell in love with, and secondly because the author Stephen Hale lives just a few houses up from us.

Stephen tells me that “it is set in an Italian mountain village and is a time-shifting tale which moves between the Nazi occupation in the 1940s and the same village's 21st century 'occupation' by hippies and bohemian types. The plot moves between two love stories – grandfather's and grandson's - separated/joined by 65 years. 

It's available in two formats: paperback at £7.99 and Kindle at £2.99”.

My own Italian family live in the north at the foot of the mountains, but come from Naples and grew up in that city during the last war.

So that has sold it for me.

I might add that Stephen has taken the bold step of self publishing, which has great advantages, in that while the author takes a risk, it means they are in full control.

All of which just leaves me to say that I will popping up Beech Road to get my own signed copy, and will be back with a review on the blog in a few days.

* Sigi and the Italian Girl,

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