Friday, 3 August 2018

In the company of the Manchester Bees ..... no.11 ..... the story of one bee and that hall in Clayton

Now, it is easy just to record each of the Manchester Bees, and this I have been doing, helped by lots of people who have sent me “their bee”.  

Polly, with pride of place
But today, I want to tell the story of just one of them, which happens to be Polly and which tomorrow will be ceremonially unveiled by the Lord Mayor of Manchester in the gardens of Clayton Hall at 12 noon.

Like all of them dotted across the city and beyond Polly began as a bare canvas.

And on to this canvas came the design, which the Friends of Clayton Hall discussed with artist Caroline Greyling.

Discussing the design
Kay, who sent me the pictures has written, “here are some pictures of Polly's Progress.

The one of her part-painted, was taken by artist Caroline Greyling.

The one showing us looking at designs were taken by Val Bayliss-Brideaux (Senior Engagement Manager at Manchester Health and Care Commissioning)

In the Hive
The group photo of the Friends of Clayton Park visiting Polly in the Hive was taken by Tracey Annette (Project Manager Age-Friendly Manchester)

The rest, of Polly arriving at the Hall, and sitting in front of the Hall, and are mine”.

Of course all of those responsible for a bee, have their own story to tell, and it would be nice to add theirs to the blog.

Arriving, in the company of friends
For now I will just leave you with the selection.

And remind you that Polly is in the gardens of Clayton Hall, and will be ceremonially unveiled tomorrow at midday by the Lord Mayor in the presence of the artist Carolyn Greyling and the Friends of Clayton Hall.

For those who have yet to discover the secrets of Clayton Hall, it awaits with its period rooms, special exhibitions and a team of enthusiasts who have helped restore and maintain this bit of our history.

Unloaded and home
And after all that excitement there is the Tea Room and the gardens.

All of which seems a pretty nice way to spend tomorrow, and if you don't fancy drive the tram stops directly outside.


Tommorow;, a poster the Hall and that bee again.

Location; Clayton Hall

Pictures; Polly Bee 2018, courtesy of, Caroline Greyling, Val Bayliss-Brideaux, Tracey Annette, and Kay Simcox

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