Friday, 22 December 2017

Coming soon ........ the new historic plaque for Chorlton

Now after some hard work we will soon have a plaque on a wall here in Chorlton to honour Madge Addy.

She was a remarkable woman who not only went out to Spain during the Spanish Civil War but went on to serve as an agent in occupied France.*

It is a story I have been uncovering for a while and was prompted by a request from Cll Shelia Newman to research the life of Madge Addy who lived in Chorlton.

Interest has grown in Ms Addy since Chris Hall suggested that there should be a memorial plaque to this brave woman and there may be some who also have knowledge of Madge please contact Chris by email at or on 0161 861 7448.

And now the plaque is ready and will soon be installed.

Location; Chorlton

Picture; photograph of the Madge Addy plaque, 2017, courtesy of Chris Hall

*Madge Addy,

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