Sunday, 17 December 2017

Tales from the Ordsall Chord ...... part 3 ..... a start and a view

Now Andy won't be the first to have "done the Ordsall Chord" last week but he took the pictures, and beat me to it.

Starting out
So as a thank you to Andy and as a celebration of the new railway link from Manchester Piccadilly Railway Station to Victoria Railway Station vi Salford here are two more with lots to follow.

What I like about the new series is that some will offer up views of Salford and Manchester most of us have never see.

All were captured as the train whizzed along the line.

And some are of bits of Salford's buildings that I know a few are not best pleased with ,but I have a soft spot for, like the elastaplast car park

Whizzing along
What better reason to travel the line.

Location; The Ordsall Chord

Pictures; the Ordsall Chord, 2017, from the collections of Andy Robertson

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  1. Did my first trip over the new bridge yesterday, although I didn't have my camera with me. I stayed on the train to Rochdale to do some shopping & saw two other places that were new to me - Inside Rochdale Town Hall (turned into Hogwarts) & the original Toad Lane Co-op. I definitely need to return to all these complete with my camera.