Friday, 22 December 2017

Stories from the Great Freeze...... No.2 clearing the snow in London

Yesterday I wrote about the Great Freeze of 1962-63 and as I expected it generated a lot of memories.

This one comes from my old friend Andy Robertson, who wrote, "this was taken outside our house in Fulham in 1963, February or March I guess, and probably by that intrepid photographer Gwendoline Robertson. 

I think it illustrates the makeshift vehicles that were used to clear some of the excess snow. 
I can clearly remember a small slab of ice still there by the kerbside in early April.

This was my last year at Primary school but the only thing I remember is how it disrupted the football season.

Before the freeze my beloved Chelsea were well top of old Division Two, then games were postponed or played on unfit surfaces so our skill factor was nullified but we did manage to get promoted....just!”

Location; Fulham, 1963

Picture; clearing the snow, Fulham, 1963, from the collection of Andy Robertson

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