Saturday, 16 December 2017

Tales from the Ordsall Chord ...... part 2 ..... taking the train

Now I was already to travel the Ordsall Chord, that new short line from Piccadilly Railway Station to Victoria Railway Station, but I was defeated by poor planning.

From the tram before the service began
But not so Andy Robertson who made the trip yesterday and sent over some wonderful pictures taken on the move on the journey.

And given that Andy did it first here is the start of the new series which I was going to call "A Day on the Ordsall Chord", but decided instead to stick with Tales from the Ordsall Chord.

They are in no particular order but are a fabulous record of the new railway line and I may add give views of the Twin Cities most of us have never seen.

The first of Andy's pictures
Location; The Ordsall Chord

Pictures; the Ordsall Chord, 2017, from the collections of Andrew Simpson and Andy Robertson

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