Tuesday, 22 May 2018

A day in the Quays ......... celebrating Salford

There may be some who mutter this isn’t really Salford, not the one I remember, and that will be true.

But all places change and reinvent themselves and Mr Muggins in 1760 may well have reflected that the grand Victorian buildings that rose on the streets of Salford weren’t to his taste.

So here are some of Andy Robertson’s pictures of Salford taken on a bright sunny day in 2017.

Location; Salford

Pictures, Salford, 2017 from the collection of Andy Robertson


  1. If w didn't have change, demolition, rebuilding and "reinvention" , we would all still be living in caves . No Electricity ,no gas , no fastfood outlets and definitely no facebook. what would we do at night for entertainment ?

  2. Cockfighting would be the evenings entertainment. As for change, you don't know about it until it's happened..