Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Going back for seconds ........ Clayton Hall and that fascinating exhibition

Now we did the current exhibition on Bradford Colliery in April, but it was so good I am going again, for what is the last outing of the exhibition this Saturday.

But Tina is off to see the family in Italy and so I suggested to Peter that he and his wife Linda join me.

Peter and I have collaborated on five books, various installations, and lots more, with him “painting the pictures and me telling the stories”.

So with the promise of a painting of Clayton Hall and a tram trip from Chorlton to the stop outside the hall, it’s an adventure to look forward to.

Kay who is one of the Friends of Clayton Hall tells me that since the exhibition has been open they have accumulated more pictures, more stories and more memories from visitors.

And that is how I like my history ......... ever growing, and for anyone who wants to add their stories they can by contacting info@claytonhall.org of Facebook

Location; Clayton Hall

Pictures; scrapbook picture, courtesy of Lynn Blinkhorn

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