Thursday, 10 May 2018

Walking out one May morning in Well Hall

Now on a day like this, with the sun already climbing across the sky I am thinking of Well Hall, and Eltham.

It is a feature of getting older, that the memories come flooding back and stay longer.

I guess that with fewer routine things to do, from feeding the kids, sending them off to school and going out to work there is more time to let the past wander in.

For me that morning sun is often a trigger and in an instant I am back at the top of our road by the old church, hard by what was Burtons and Wilcox’s.

And it helps when you get a picture of that very spot.

So yesterday I was really pleased that Ryan shared this one of the parish church, on a bright May day.

It is just how I would have seen it walking up Well Hall and that is all I have to say.

Location; Well Hall Road

Picture; Eltham Church, 2018 from the collection of Ryan Ginn

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