Tuesday, 22 May 2018

The stories we all have to tell ...........

Now writing can be a solitary affair, after all at the end of the day it is you, your imagination and a keyboard.

And in much the same way most of the research I do is in front of that screen, trawling online records or in an archive centre where they may be lots of other people, but like me they are engaged in their own searches, convinced that no one else could be interested in what they are doing.

So it is always fascinating to read about attempts to bring writers together, where they can share their experiences and learn from each other.

The solitary in me has kept me away from writer’s groups, but my friend Lois who is a successful novelist plunges deep into the process, and not only runs such groups but also participates in literary festivals in the south west.

She like me has a blog and I make a point of going to it most days.

Yesterday she was back writing about her history writing group which she says is, “isn’t a genealogy group, [but] is for people who want to write about their family, to write their family’s history. There’s usually about ten of us which is a bit of a squash in our front room, but today for various reasons – people on holiday, people poorly, people cat-sitting, there were just four of us”*.

What followed was a revealing set of stories, which are best read by following the link.

No more to say ..... just read the post and then the follow yo from today.

Picture; from the collection of Lois Elsden

*FAMILY HISTORYSTORIANS, https://loiselden.com/2018/05/21/family-historystorians/

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