Sunday, 27 May 2018

The story that isn’t .......... down on Wright Street by Chester Road

Now, many of us are familiar with the work of Andy Robertson, who has been recording the changing landscape of the Twin Cities and beyond for a decade and a bit.

He begins with a derelict or empty property, and then returns at stages, as the building is renovated or more likely demolished.

By degree, he then carries on chronicling the progress from the moment the builders break ground and onto the finished building.

But today he offers up an intriguing set of pictures which he says are of “Wright Street which runs parallel to Chester Road.

This is unusual as it depicts the demolition of a building before it was even properly constructed!”

There will be someone on the know who will wade in with chapter and verse, so I shall await their contribution.

In the meantime here is the sequence of pictures taken from May 25th of this year back to May 2014.

Location; off Chester Road

Pictures; Wright Street, 2014-2018, from the collection of Andy Robertson

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