Saturday, 5 May 2018

For the Friends of Wilbraham Road ........ a saunter down the history of this great highway

Now if you take the highway that leads from Edge Lane to Fallowfield looking for history, it pretty much has the lot, from dark and sinister tales, to silly events and more than a few tragic moments.

And packed in between, there are some fascinating historical trivia, including the home of the solicitor who decided to create a chain of cinemas, the story of how a bit of Manchester Road vanished and the day that David Ball who was the manager of the book stall on Chorlton Railway Station past a morning with Reg Croton who ran a taxi and lived on Sandy Lane.

All, and more will be revealed on the third of our walks linked to the book The Quirks of Chorlton-cum-Hardy.  The walk will be on Sunday May 27 and will start from the Lloyds Hotel at 1 pm and will end at the Creamiers, over the old railway bridge beside Egerton Arcade.

There will be some familiar stories but because of the ever changing nature of Chorlton  there will be plenty of new ones, including the building that was once Woolworths became B & M, and is now Benito Lounge, which opened last month.

I have watched as the transformation from shop to cafe bar progressed and I am pretty impressed with how it now looks.

That old 50s building with its period steel window frames and brick tower always looked out of place in that parade running from Barlow Moor Road to Brundretts Road.

Peter was equally intrigued by the transformation and decided to paint the new Benito Lounge, and inspired by the painting I decided to dig deep into the history of the site, all of which will be on offer during the walk.

So, in conclusion as they say in all good adverts, “Watch this space” for more on the thirds Quarks history walks.

Painting;  Benito Lounge. Painting © 2018 Peter Topping, Paintings from Pictures.


Facebook:  Paintings from Pictures

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