Friday, 18 May 2018

Pictures from an Eltham bus ........ no.19 ....... Friday morning

The top deck of a London bus has to be a pretty neat way of seeing the world below.

And when it is the same bus at about the same time every day then you have got yourself a project.

All you need is a camera and the patience each week to record the same spot and the rest as they say is Larissa Hamment’s “Pictures from an Eltham bus.”*

And on this very warmish day it's good to see that work continues to turn the old Co-op site into the cinema.

I know there are some who bemoan the loss of our old picture houses, but they closed at a time when people had given up on going out to the "flicks".

But there remains something magical about sitting in the dark and seeing giant images of your screen heroes.

So I await the next progress report from Larissa who I thank for her continuing task of recording Eltham as it changes.

Location, Eltham, London

Pictures;  the site of the new cinema, 2018, from the collection of Larissa Hamment

*Pictures from an Eltham bus,

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