Thursday, 17 May 2018

That red box on a wall at Edge Lane ...... the correction

Now yesterday I ran a story on a post box on Edge Lane, which featured the pictures of Robert Williamson and how it came to be restored to working order with the help of David Harrop.

The box is on a wall on the corner of Edge Lane and Hampton Road.

I was pleased with the story and with the response, particularly as people nominated their own one which were all relatively close by.

But I misled you, and Ian has corrected me with, “technically the box at Edge Lane is not a pillar box, but a wall box, designed to be inserted in a wall. 

Pillar boxes are the tall round ones or the 6-sided Victorian ones known as "Penfolds" [after their designer]. 

Readers may be interested in the work of the Letter Box Study Group, the world’s leading experts on post boxes. 

Their website is at:

All of which is as it should be, and a thank you to Ian.

Locations Chorlton

Picture; the Post Office Wall Box, 2014 from the collection of Robert Williamson

*The story of that Victorian pillar box on Edge Lane,

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