Thursday, 3 May 2018

A new addition to the souvenir collection ............ bits from the Great War

First I have to say that the collection belongs to young David Harrop who has a large number of these pieces of crested china which were produced during the Great War.

They range from tanks and battleships to ambulances, and post war memorials.

Most have a coat of arms or badge of a particular city or town, and were mass produced with the name changes designed to create local interest.

In some cases this could throw up odd results.  So in David’s collection of Manchester porcelain there is a battleship which is fine, but there was no such named warship during the Great War.

Of course for the companies producing them, this was a mere detail, and I suspect their peacetime items which included Blackpool Tower and Ann Hathaway’s cottage might also turn out the odd inaccuracy.

That aside, this one is truly gruesome, reminding us that the machine gun was used to devastating effect on the battlefields.

Location; the Great War

Pictures; Crested China, circa 1914-18, from the collection of David Harrop

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